LoL News - Major Patches every 4 weeks!

Major Updates every 4 weeks in League of Legends

In their video blog leading game designer of the League of Legends Jessica Nam decided to tell about their plans of LoL developing in the 2018 year. The team will enhance the Rune system so you always will have a choice which rune build you need. Also, she mentioned that One of the pillars is very underrated by the players, and devs want to upgrade it to make it a little bit more attractive to the players.


The inspiration is another poorly designed path, and they want to upgrade it to the nearest patch. Major updates will be released approximately every four weeks, and smaller patches - every two weeks. In the major, you will find a system change, which includes items, runes and gaming process upgrades. Smaller patches will be focused on bug fixes and other smaller issues.


You can read unique guides about champion on Boosteria Blog page; there you could find various tactics.


Right now most of the champions are bounded to the one role, so the team is preparing new possibilities for heroes, that will give them an opportunity to act on other lanes.




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